AMCO TEC INT'L INC. has been a member of ATAC Group since 2000. All members of ATAC Group were integrated based on niche and scale considerations. Up to present, ATAC Group has established a vertical chain of product manufacturing and marketing.

The territories that ATAC Group have gone across includes Stamping & Injection factories, Cable Extruded factories, Cable Assembly factories, Connector Assembly factories, Automatic Assembly factories and R&D corporations.

The ultimate mission of ATAC Group is to provide the best service and a total solution to customers.

Sales & Marketing Center                    S.q Measure: 5,000 m 2
Employees: 140 (Unit:1person)
Terminal Stamping
& Plastic Injection
   S.q Measure: 37,945 m 2
Employees: 320(Unit:1person)
Main Products:

Plastic Injection & Stamping               S.q Measure: 23,000 m 2      Employees:750 (Unit:1Person)      Cable Assembling   S.q Measure: 10,908 m 2
Employees: 659 (Unit:1person)


Plastic Injection       S.q Measure: 46,600 m 2
Employees: 90(Unit:1person)
Cable Products Center                 S.q Measure: 37945 m 2
Employees: 1023 (Unit:1person)


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